On April 8, 2010 HDBank completed linking to the joint-bank network Smartlink and proclaimed the issue of the Smart HDCard. This is a sort of smart card condensing lots of best utilities that can make transactions at over 500 ATM of 24 banks nationwide. On the occasion, customers will enjoy free card opening charges, free annual charges and free salary payment service to businesses opening accounts with HDBank, especially Smart HDCard worth 500,000 VND as a present for the first close customers opening those cards.

HDBank invested in the ATM system with modern technology, luxurious design, and guarantee of safe & sound and time-saving transactions. The card holders are entitled to draw cash without charge at any ATM of HDBank, enjoy the interest on the card balance, and receive their salaries and other incomes (savings interest, share interest). The drawing limit is up to 20 million VND per day. Besides, the card holders also make other transactions such as money transfer, access to the balance, reference to HDBank information, printing transaction copies, and other payments.

Being an official member of the joint-bank Smartlink, HDBank are going to cooperate within this network to develop a modern and convenient electronic payment system with high confidence and security. In the near future, from ATM/POS linking directly to Smartlink, HDBank are going to extend the ATM/POS linking system to the banks that have been using utilities of Banknetvn and VNBC, two units specializing in card network transmission in the market. Together with ATM/POS network, HDBank and Smartlink have pledged themselves to cooperate closely for development of VAT services to card holders, based on electronic payment utilities from Smartlink such as payment of cell phone charges, goods freight, services on ATM and other electronic transaction channels of HDBank on Internet, SMS Banking and Mobile Banking.

That HDBank have linked the joint-bank network Smartlink and issued Smart Cards marked a further great change of HDBank, and create favorable conditions for development of modern retail banking services as well as an extension of online payment operations on the target “the best savings bank” will-be.

Some information on 2 businesses:
1- HDBank is one of the first joint-stock commercial banks nationwide, opened on January 4, 1990.  In 20- year development process, HDBank’s operational scale has been almost pivotal economic areas nationwide. Being one of joint-stock commercial banks on the way to develop firmly in VN with a background of a modern technology system, a variety of products and utilities, HDBank are going to offer multi-functional financial package services to customers.

2- Smartlink Card Service Joint-Stock Company (Smartlink) was established by Việt Nam Foreign Trade Joint-Stock Commercial Bank and 15 other joint-stock commercial banks specializing in managing and operating Smartlink network for transmitting, exchanging and processing intermediately automatic electronic transactions, supporting the development of non-cash payment modes. Smartlink now run a data processing network of 27 bank members including 24 banks linking stably with Smartlink. The amount of cards issued in acceptance was nearly 8 million at around 500 ATM and at over 20, 000 businesses nationwide.

Retail Banking
Corporate Banking

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