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On March 17th 2012, HDBank jubilantly holds “launching ceremony new brand”. This is such a significant event since publicly introducing new brand – new stature of HDBank. With the new brand Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank, HDBank promisingly bring highest benefits, best returns to customers, staffs and society.

Starting at 9 A.M, at 3 national live conference rooms

Opening the Ceremony is the formal introduction through live conference rooms North-Middle- South. Those distinguished presences are: BODs, Supervisor Dept., Board of Management, Head of specific Divisions, Branch’s director, Managers of HDBank transaction offices (HCM, Da Nang, Hanoi); Head representatives of the North:

Beautiful dance opens the ceremony at H.O (South)

Live conference North – Middle – South

Through this live conference room, all areas have chance to enjoy interesting clip about HDBank; where all HDBank staffs find it proud to be part of HDBank – a place with solid foundation, strong resources and high breakthrough ability to new height. As taking the new brand: Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank, HDBank has confirmed its growth of banking in offering a full range of products and perfect financial services by international standards to finally best meet diversified needs of customers.

At the north conference room, HDBank staffs perform images of HDBank: Active - Friendly - Efficient:

HDBank Staffs at the North are performing new HDBank uniform.

In this ceremony, Ms. Le Thi Bang Tam – Chairwoman of HDBank’s BODs expresses her sincere hopes: “The fact of changing new brand has marked an important point in HDBank’s development strategy of becoming one of the top joint stocks banks of Vietnam in the near future. Hence, I still believe that we all will keep investing in our strong aspects to develop and making suitable changes under the context of constantly changeable market”

Ms. Le Thi Bang Tam (in the middle) at the North

At H.O (HCMc), Mr. Nguyen Huu Dang – BODs’s member and General Director has emphasized the important role of launching HDBank’s new brand: “the old brand, though used be widely popular to customers so far, has to be changed to suit its new vision & mission. From now on, with new brand, it goes without saying that HDBank’s absolutely ready to reach to new height in the future”.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Dang is delivering his speech

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam – Director of HDBank Da Nang also shows his pride over the new brand: “We are very excited with HDBank’s new brand. We promise to try our best to make our new brand become more and more popular, widespread to customers, fulfilling the business target”

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam in his speech

HDBank Da Nang show their determination

Ms. Dinh Thi Mai Minh – Director of HDBank Thu Do and all representatives of HDBank leaders at the North:” We are proud of HDBank and believe that we will go further with this new brand – new stature. We commit ourselves to achieving all business targets”

at the North

I am so delighted and highly appreciating your efforts to develop HDBank new brand. Therefore, I believe that, with suitable orientation of the BODs along with the efforts of all the staffs, HDBank will increasingly flourish, becoming the top effective financial corporation in Vietnam with national network and be trusted by customers said Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao – Permanent Vice president of HDBank

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao delivers her speech at H.O

Responding to her expectation, all viewers have unanimously raised up champagne and toasted the success of a new brand altogether

…at 2 P.M at HDBank transaction offices
The whole HDBank system also jubilantly hold the launching ceremony at their transaction offices.

The contest on HDBank new brand knowledge at HDBank Hai Phong (presenting gifts)

HDBank Hai Phong

HDBank Hai Duong

HDBank Bac Ninh

HDBank Nghe An

HDBank Nha Trang

HDBank DakLak

Mr. Nguyen Manh Quan – Deputy General Director is explaining HDBank’s new logo at HDBank Dong Nai.

To be proud of HDBank Dong Nai

Director of HDBank Vung Tau is introducing the meaning of HDBank new brand

HDBank Binh Duong

HDBank Sai Gon welcomes HDBank new brand

HDBank An Giang...

and HDBank Can Tho

This is actually the unforgettable event for all of HDBank members. From now on, HDBank will appears with a new bright look, asserting its new high position.

Once again, it is expected that we all make our best efforts to work to deserve new stature of HDBank.

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