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1. Introduction:
For further information and assistance with our Products – Services, promotions programs, please contact HDBank Customer Service Center via Hotline 19006060.
Our dedicated and professional team with modern Contact Center channel are always ready to assist all of your queries related to HDBank Products – Services.
With continuous efforts to improve our customer service quality, HDBank is always delighted to serve you well and instantly in order to meet your requirements and earn your ultimate satisfaction.

2. Service channels:
Hotline 19006060 (available 24/7)
Email: info@hdbank.com.vn
Webmail: Contact at HDBank website

3. Related regulation:
HDBank is allowed to record all incoming calls from customer for the purpose of service quality improvement and evidence for solving related complaint/claims.

Information provided by customerwill be strictly kept confidential. However, it shall be disclosed to third party when requested by local authorities as regulated by State Bank of Vietnam.

To assure that information is only provided to its account holder, HDBank is entitled to request customer providing personal and bank account transaction information. Customer shall be liable for any personal and account information which are disclosed to others.

HDBank will not provide customerinformation related to financial transaction via telephone (19006060), email and webchat.
HDBank is allowed to refuse or disconnect calls, email or webchat that have impolite, harass content.
For purpose of information security, customer should not provide HDBank any PIN of bank card or services password via telephone board, email or webchat.

4. Fees:
All calls to our Contact Center are free of charge. This is one of our customer care strategy in order to bring you more convenience when using the services.

5. Available Services:
Consulting services: information and queries consulting about products - services, promotion programs of HDBank

Customer care: call to remind for Visa Credit Cardholder's overdue debt, reset ibanking account, reissue new password for personal customer request.

Service on request: Customer (Cardholder) can request HDBank to lock lost card in urgent cases before coming to the bank to supplement all related certified documents.
Handle customers' comments and complaints related to product and service quality or service quality of HDBank.

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Corporate Banking

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